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FITworx Fusion
FITworx Fusion



50/50 Challenge – Timed intervals of strength exercises for the body combined with timed intervals of cardio, (of your choosing) will challenge you and your partner.  Together you both will push each other to new heights.   All levels welcomed.

B.L.T. – Butt, Legs and Tummy conditioning classes are a great way to strengthen your lower body.  Utilizing our equipment, we will firm butts, sculpt our legs and flatten or tummy’s.  All levels welcomed.

Baller in the Gym – Using a physio ball and weights to strength your entire upper and lower body while challenging your core.  This low impact workout is great for all levels.

Total Body– Building lean sexy muscle by completing 3 rounds of 9 exercises using dumbbells to work each side of your body simultaneously.  All levels welcomed.

Boxing – Challenge the fighter in you.  A variety of punching combinations using heavy bags, jump ropes and boxing gloves will give you an amazing full body workout which will increase endurance, strength and speed.   Pound for pound this workout will help shred fat and lean you out.  All levels welcomed.  Boxing gloves not provided.

Circuit X-Press – One stop body shop! Moving through 6 stations for 1 minute intervals will have you sweating and feeling empowered.  This class will focus on your individual strength and progress.  High energy music will keep you motivated and moving.  All levels welcomed.

Flow Fusion – 30 minute stretching class to help improve flexibility and strength. All levels welcomed.

Kickboxing – A combination of aerobics, boxing and martial arts set to high energy music will keep you moving while burning hundreds of calories.  This fun total body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination and balance.  All levels welcomed.

Line Dancing – We believe workouts should be fun, easy and effective for everyone.  This dance fitness class is a mix of dancing and toning moves.  We dance to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites with repetitive and easy to follow dance steps.  Whether you are nine or ninty-nine this class was created for you!

Old School – Fun and energetic sculpting class design to challenge your every muscle. Simple and fun choreography is used for each song giving the class a bit of a dance like feel.  All levels welcomed.

PiYo – Build lean muscle without the bulk.  PiYo’s pace of continuous movement, nonstop transitions, and powerful athletic moves will help you sculpt long, lean muscles without building bulk. All levels welcomed.

Power Circuit – Strength-charged circuit training.  Get ready for a station based class that pairs strong, weighted movements and serious cardio and core work.  With this powerhouse circuit training, you’ll get stronger, leaner, better-conditioned, and utilize all sorts of fitness equipment like TRX, Squat racks and Medicine balls. Intermediate and advance levels only.

Step – Simple, heart pumping step aerobics routine combine with strength training intervals to give you a complete cardio and strength workout.  This is an excellent cross training class for all skill and fitness levels.  You may be surprised to actually enjoy sculpting your body while following step combinations.  All levels welcomed.

TRX Circuit – This is our most popular TRX class.  A challenging fast paced workout that combines TRX strength exercises with cardio-drills!  Taught with timed sets that keep your heart rate pumping as you move at your own pace!

TRX BB  – TRX Body Blast is our strengthen based TRX class taught to reps and tempo.
Driven by the beat of the music, you will work upper and lower body through repetitions.  Body Blast engages all of your muscles for a non-stop workout that builds balance, flexibility, core and total body strength.  All levels welcomed.

TRX 101 – TRX 101 class will start from the very beginning.  Teaching you how to use your straps and move through the different exercises.  The slower transitions will help you master techniques and prepare you for the next level or you can choose to take it slow and effectively work your entire body.

TRX – is suspension training.  TRX classes help build true functional strength and improve flexibility, balance and core stability all at once.   Created by a Navy Seal looking to stay in peak condition while on missions and not having the space or equipment.  It started from a couple of parachute webbing hand stitched together with rubber boat repair tools. He developed an array of different bodyweight exercises specifically designed for this unique training harness.  The rest is history.  Give one of these classes a try!